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In stride with the rapid growth of the shipping industry, Airia Sdn Bhd was established with the aim of meeting the supply requirements of ocean-going vessels both local and abroad.

As an associate member of the International Ship Supplier's Association, International Marine Purchaser Association and with our years of close liaison with the world's most renowned shipping companies - we have established ourselves as one of the foremost and leading suppliers to the shipping industry in Malaysia.

We are able to supply entire range of items ranging from food products such as fresh and dried provisions, bonded stores, cabin, deck, engine, electrical, radio, galley, medicine, refilling/ supply of gases, chemical, safety stores & delivery of ship spares in transit on behalf of ship owner's.

With the sound backing of years of experience, and competent personnel, we are strongly confident of expediting all your supply needs promptly and satisfactorily throughout 24 hours.

Our main operation center is from Port Klang, to serve better, we are covering all major Malaysian ports,such as, Port Klang (Westport , Northport, South port), Port Dickson, Linggi, Melaka, Tanjung Bruas,Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang, Tanjung Langsat, Pengerang, Tanjung Bin, Lumut, Penang, Butterworth, Prai, Langkawi, Kuantan, Kemaman, Kerteh. East Malaysian Ports are Labuan, Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu, Sandakan, Bintulu, Tg. Manis, Samalaju and Kuching. Other Ports may check on request. 

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